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francesco baiocchi in giardino


francesco baiocchi con braccio eretto

Francesco Baiocchi on stage while singing

This page is for all those who have contributed to the success of my professional career and enrichment of my personal image: family, friends, photographers, co-workers and colleagues.


Thanks mom because you gave me the tenderness of your caresses, the good night kiss, your smile thoughtful, your gentle hand that gives me security. In secret you wiped my tears, have encouraged my steps, you corrected my mistakes, you have protected my path, you have educated my spirit, with wisdom and with love you have introduced me to life. And while watching carefully over on me, you still could found time to the thousand housework. You never thought to ask a thank you. All my achievements and those who I will reach in the course of my life will be dedicated to you and to the love with which you have conduced me by the hand in this wonderful path. I love you, your son FRANCESCO.


I want to thank the artists of photography Fabio Panichi, Luis Condrò and César Augusto Cruciani for the wonderful shots that allowed to expand my photo gallery with some wonderful images.


Thanks to the Councillor of Culture of Teramo Dr. Francesca Lucantoni, to Dr. Paola Di Felice and Dr. Francesca Di Pietro for giving me the opportunity to perform one of the photo shoots at Monica's Castle, having also a way to value one of the most important historical and cultural symbols of the city of Teramo.


Is also right to direct a thank you to all those who support me and encourage me all the time in this difficult and challenging path, but a path that makes my life remarkably wonderful.


Special thanks to'YOU' that you gave me happiness and why you make me feel special in every moment..